Reminder: If you do not have a site reserved for the 2021-2022 season, your trailer must be out of the park by Wednesday, September 9, 2020. 



By what date this year must boats be out of water in preparation for shrinkwrapping?

- Friday, September 4, 2020


What happens if there are delays with the opening date in May 2021? 

- At this point we don't anticipate any delays in opening but if there are any delays you will be notified well in advance.


What does the $1000 moving fee/deposit include? 

- If you are current seasonal who has paid a $1000 deposit this fee will be applied towards the move of your trailer.  It includes removing the trailer from the current site, and setting it up on the new site.  We will attempt to put your trailer and deck back in the same way that it is currently setup.  This includes trailer levelling, deck placement, deck stairs,  and utility connections.   It will not included putting trailer skirting back, or making changes to a deck, changing stair elevations, garden/plant relocation etc.   


What is the fee structure for 2021 Season? 

- You will receive a 2021 invoice shortly. The payment structure will be 10 equal payments starting Oct 1 2020 with the final payment due July 1 2021.  Payments can be made via postdated cheques, e transfers, automatic withdrawls. 


Is there still a discount on the Seasonal Fee if we pay in full in October? 

- Unfortunately the 5% early payment discount will no longer be offered. 


Will there be overage fees depending on size or setup? 

- The $1000 will cover the move of any size trailer and a deck.

- Hard awnings will be an additional $400 if we are dismantling and reinstalling the awning. If you would like to dismantle and reinstall the awning yourself you can leave the pieces on the deck and we will transport it with the deck to the new location. 

- Florida rooms will be an additional $750 if we are dismantling and reinstalling.  


What is included in the annual fee? 

- Annual fees include: lot rental, utilities (30 amp and AC included), onsite parking for 2 vehicles, seasonal visitor pass, common use areas (beach, playground etc). 

What is not included in the annual fee?

- Dock spots, boat lift removal and installation 


Will there be offsite parking for boat trailers or vehicles?

- There will be no offsite parking.  All trailers and vehicles need to be stored on your site.


Will there be a commitment to keeping rates stable for a few years as people adjust? 

- There will be an effort to keep rates to minimal increases as in years past.  




Do we need to label everything that is outside of our trailers? Will there be an area to store our canoes/kayaks? 

- It is a good idea to label as much as possible.  We will make an effort to keep site belongings together, however, there will be a lot of movement and it will help to have things labelled.


What do we do with our BBQ?

- If possible please place bbq's inside your trailer and they will be transported with the trailer. 


What do we do with wooden items (decks etc) we want to throw away?

- Starting Aug 28, we have designated the vacant sites near the playground as a location for all items being disposed of.  We may bring in a large dumpster for these items. 


Are we responsible for removal and storing of satellite dishes, posts and satellite cables?

- Yes, you will be responsible for satellite related items.  In some cases, the satellite company may provide the service of removal and reinstall of these items.   Check with your providers for details.


Do we have to unbolt decks ourselves? 

- Although any work related to deck breakdown would be appreciated, we will be responsible for all work related to deck removal and re-inistallation


Will you put the tongues on? 

- Yes we will put the tongue on the trailer.  Please make sure the tongue is available and onsite by Monday, September 7, 2020. 


Will you take off and store propane tanks from bbqs and trailers?

- BBQ's will be the responsibility of the owner to store and prepare for moving. 


Will the ground air conditioners under the trailer and the ductwork disconnected be sealed so critters won't get in the trailers?

- Yes. AC's will be disconnected and reconnected as part of the move.  Any openings into the trailer will be sealed for the winter.  




Will you be hiring outside company to set up the trailers? 

- No, we aren't hiring an outside company.  We are hiring additional support staff, but will oversee and assist in all setup-related work. 


Will we get new sewer pipes? 

- All infrastructure in the ground will be new.  We will make an effort to reuse your current piping.  If this is not feasible new piping may be installed to complete the hookup. 


What kind or roadways will we have? 

- Roadways will be gravel


Will there be site markers so we can be respectful of one another's site boundaries? 

- Yes site markers will be provided


Will there be propane exchange offered? 

- At this point, we aren't sure if we will be still offering propane exchange or not.  We will update with a definitive answer when we have one.




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