West Lake Willows

Park Rules and Regulations


  • Seasonal site fee includes 2 adults, their unwed children and one vehicle.  All others are visitors and must register at the office.  Unregistered visitors or vehicles will result in a fine to the site occupant.
  • No subletting of site or campsite permitted.
  • No permanent tents permitted on seasonal sites.
  • No sleeping in vehicles.
  • Any site modification (deck, shed, etc.) must be approved by management before construction is begun.
  • All sheds, sunrooms, and awnings must be commercial products and approved by management prior to installation.
  • Lawn maintenance is your responsibility. If you will be absent for an extended period of time, please notify the office so we can assume temporary responsibility. 

Trailer Sale:

  • As of spring 2006 no trailer can be sold on site unless approved by the office.
  • If you would like us to forward inquires and walk people through your trailer there is a 5% fee


  • A visitor is defined as “someone who comes to see you WHILE you are at your trailer. 
  • Visitors who arrive and depart during office hours 9 am - 9 pm are free.
  • Overnight visitors must register at the office.  Unregistered visitors  will result in a fine to the site occupant.
  • Guests who use your trailer while you are not there will pay a “camping fee” NOT the visitor fee.


  • Maximum 1 shed per campsite. 
  • Maximum shed size 6’x6’

Park Property:

  • No trees, landscaping, or shoreline shall be altered without permission from the management.
  • No mounting of any kind permitted on trees.  i.e. satellite dishes, tree houses, clothes lines etc.  These items must be mounted on a pole.  See management for location approval.


  •  One vehicle is included in the site fee.  A second vehicle pass may be purchased at the office.
  •  Visitor vehicles must register at the office and display visitor vehicle pass.
  • Two vehicles maximum per campsite.  Please see management for additional parking.
  •  Please drive on designated roadways only. 
  • No dirt bikes or ATV’s are permitted in the park.

Speed Limit:

  • Speed limit in the park is 5 km/h.  Keep in mind there are children walking around and we want to keep the park safe so all can be comfortable to move about.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way.  Vehicles must yield to all pedestrians.


  • Campsites are to be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • Household garbage permitted in the dumpster only.  No lawn chairs, BBQ’s, tires, carpeting, appliances, etc. For disposal of these items please see the management.
  • For disposal of leaves, branches etc. please inquire at the office.


  •  Please use the recycle depot for all recyclable material.
  • The bins are clearly labeled so dispose of material appropriately.

Fish Facility:

  • Fish cleaning facilities are provided for your convenience located at the back of the washroom building.  
  • Please wrap all fish remains in paper and place in a sealed bag before disposing in the dumpster at the entrance of the park.


  • Campfires are permitted in the designated fire pits only.
  • You are responsible for fire pit maintenance.  Please see the office for ash disposal.
  • No visible piles of firewood permitted on site.  Any firewood must be neatly stacked out of sight (e.g. in a shed).

Electrical Devices:

  • 30 amp and A/C fee are mandatory for all A/C capable units.
  • Window mounted air conditioners prohibited on all sites. 

NOTE: When you are not here your electrical supply may become disconnected. Please be aware of this risk and plan accordingly.


  • Docks are available for use by all campers.
  • Transient use is included in seasonal fees, overnight docking must be purchased at the office.

Water Safety:

  • Boaters must observe boating safety regulations and show courtesy to fellow boaters and swimmers.
  • No water skiing around raft or swimming area.
  • No boats/sea doos allowed in the swimming area.
  • No boats shall be left on the shore, use your dock space.

Alcoholic Beverages:

  • Alcoholic Beverages must be confined to your own campsites.
  • No opened alcohol allowed off site.
  • Bottles and cans must be stored discreetly.


  • Quiet time is from 11:00 pm – 8:00 am.
  • During quiet time no noise may be made that can be heard beyond the immediate vicinity of your site.
  • Quite time is strictly enforced.


  • No radio or instrument can be played at a high volume.
  • Please turn off all radios or TV’s when leaving your site.


  • Car washing is not permitted.
  •  Temporary clotheslines for towels and bathing suites are permitted, however no other laundry may be hung. 
  • There is a Laundromat located at the office for your convenience.


  • Children of registered campers under the age of 18 are not permitted overnight without parental supervision.
  • Parents are responsible for the actions of their children.


  • All pets are to be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for pet care and maintenance.
  • Pets that are a nuisance or a danger to other campers will not be permitted in the park.


  • The playground is provided for your convenience.
  • Please supervise young children.
  • The playground closes at dark.

Business Endeavours:

  • Business endeavours of any kind are not permitted by campers.


  • Fireworks must be discharged in authorized locations only and during the hours of 12 noon -10 pm.

This property is privately owned and operated.  The owner assumes no responsibility for any accidents or injury to guests or their belongings.  The owner also reserves the right to refuse service or evict any person that is not complying with the above regulations with no refund or prior notification.